• From our guests
    From our guests


A hidden diamond on a hill. Some places you keep in your heart forever. This is one.

Aashild Eliassen

Oslo, Norway

Not sure how you manage to combine impeccability with a gorgeous, friendly and lovely feeling of ‘home,’ but you do. An amazing, perfect week. Thank you.

Erika Sunnegardh


It’s very difficult to find the words to describe accurately our experience here at Tranquility, but it was more than excellent.

Maya and Steven Zegarac

London, England

Thank God we found the way to this lovely and peaceful place…absolutely memorable stay

Urs and Odile

Zurich, Switzerland

It was very warm – that’s everything to us. And the breakfast, Wow! We’ve felt really pampered, Arrivederci!

Nicola, Elena, Alessandra and Luca

Bologna, Italy

Worth the trip from Alaska to meet you.

Dalc and Laura Radona


Such a quality of sleep, no wonder it is called Tranquility. Definitely will come again

Patrick Arnauld

Paris, France

Words fail me!…It’s going to take something quite amazing to top Tranquility!

David and Phenice

United Kingdom

A stay worth flying back for!

Carolyn and Symon Hay

Toronto, Canada